The Gringita

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet! My name is Krista and I am the gringita.  

Wondering what this word is all about? In Spanish, Gringo is the word for foreigner, the female version being Gringa.  To make things smaller/cuter in Spanish, they often add an -ita ending to words.  For example, if you want a big bag you might ask for a "bolsa" but if you want a small bag ask for a "bolsita"; you're not fat "gorda" you're just kinda fat "gordita." So, Gringita means something to the effect of little foreign girl.  [If yu want to get technical, the grammatically correct spelling is gringuita, but isn't it soo much more gringa of me to spell it wrong!?] Well, the way they pronounce my name, Krista, here is more like "kr-ee-sta," which rhymes with Gringita when said in that elongated way in which Iquiteños speak :) 

Anyway, back to about me! I recently finished my master's in Public Health with a specialty in Water and Sanitation and international epidemiology and disease control.  I've been traveling as much as possible since I was 18 and a freshman in college!  I started this blog in June of 2016 when I moved to Iquitos, Peru to conduct my master's thesis research, in order to keep my family and friends updated and document my experience.  It has since evolved into something more and I hope to create a more sustainable community here! 

I currently enjoy blogging about raising my puppy, Vaquita, my experience traveling and living abroad, and daily life!



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