Swimming, Pups, Coffee, and Food

Good morning!  I haven't posted in a while so let's catch up! 

This is the Laguna Corrientillo, its about 30 minutes outside the city and a really calm quick spot to relax and swim.  The lake is surrounded by Aguaje trees, which keep the water clean and cold! Last Monday was Labor Day here so we had the day off and took V over for her first time swimming. 

A new gringa, Madison, arrived recently.  We met up the other day to get some work done at a coffee shop because I really needed a push to finish a presentation and email out. 

I ordered french fries and they were just what I wanted 

My mom made me this adorable calendar for Christmas which is full of pictures of V.  Here's a little comparison of baby V the first day I got her (so tiny!) and her now! 

I was really craving some strong iced coffee and decided to finally hit up a coffee shop in my neighborhood that I always forget about! They don't have iced coffee (iced coffee is very American, couldn't even find it in Europe- they do iced lattes but if you like coffee you know its very different), but I asked if they would try it and they obliged, it came out awesome and strong! 

This ugly lil cutey followed me home the other day 

Leche de Tigre 

Crab dish ..  My first time eating crab with the shell, it is too hard for me

Volley Wednesdays !! 

Elvis is building a giant turtle (mama chirapa) for the Festival of Water.  I helped with the lil paws!

Just to do the head and tail now! 

V gets very excited to go in moto-taxis 

First boat trip! (since she was a baby)

We took the boat down the Itaya river to this spot to go swimming.  Apparently when the water is lower down there's a whole beach here, but the water level is pretty high right now. 

Ensalada de llonta! The best. Llonta is raw hearts of palm sliced into long strips, it looks like ribbons but tastes good, especially with lime juice and avo 

After a few afternoon beers and swimming I was really craving pizza.. I ordered this bacon and tomato pizza from Antica for Elvis and I.. I expected the bacon to be different.. but hey it was still good. 

Elvis' mom made homemade Causa and its so good!! Causa is a round breakfast/morning food. Its made out of potatoes, chicken with mayonnaise, and then the rest varies.  Usually there's hardboiled eggs and avocado.  This one has carrots and peas. 


How was your weekend!? 

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