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Happy Monday everyone!  I've been MIA from the blog scene for about a week as I was very IA in the real-life scene ;)  I booked my flight to the USA for May and thereafter have become a bit more aware of how I spend my time as these are most likely my last six weeks in Iquitos!
I have now entered the serious job-search and am really ready to find something more sustainable and stable. For the past 2.5+ years I've been moving jobs / countries every 3-9 months! This has been an incredible experience, a lot of fun, and prime for learning and character growth.  However, when you take out student loans for school you have to start thinking about how you'll not only pay them back, but try to earn back your investment, right? Also, honestly, I'm tired! I'm tired of not knowing when or where my next paycheck is coming, where I'll be living in three months, let alone next month sometimes.  I'm tired of saying "when I move somewhere more permanent I will ___, or start doing __."  So, that's why I'm going back to the USA for now (or to Lima if there's a j-o-b).  

The little gordita and me! I love this baby

Elvis working on the miniature floating community center and dry composting toilet models!  Elvis and his team of kids made an entire miniature system of the community for this awesome promotional video they shot! It's to promote the Festival del Agua (Water festival) which will be May 11-14 !
Close up of the dry composting toilet model - Baño Seco - This is what my Master's thesis was on!

Helping put the flags onto their mini boats for the video

I treated myself to a mani-pedi at a nice salon

I'm going to miss these amazing nail designs 

I was walking done the street one day and saw a tiny black hand poking out from a house.. these people have a pet monkey! Very sad 

We have two different kinds of avocados here. One is imported and the normal type you might get in the USA, the other is jungle avocado, and ginormous!

I went out with the water company workers last week to collect community samples, which was fun

The kids wrote their "life stores" about how they came to join the NGO and then read them out to the group, it was very cute. They're working hard on their writing and reading skills.

This is my lab dog. I have Vaquita at home, a million dogs in the field, and this dog in the lab.  How cool, haha! However, definitely not the most sterile thing to have a dog walking around the labs, especially in the microbiology building.

Elvis and I went to visit Nauta this weekend, more on that later! 

I learned how to make bacon (and that i like it) 



How was your weekend? What's the last trip you took?

Do you eat bacon? Do you cook more or eat out more? 

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