Thinking out Loud

I was planning on posting a Thursday TOL but I got food poisoning... so here it is now! 

Monday I spent the morning with Sedaloreto again, the water company.  I took a bunch of new samples which I was excited about! 

Spotted this legitimate police car with questionable bumper stickers

I came out of my building the other day and Scruffy was sitting there waiting for me! So cute. After a quick greeting he ran past me into the building.  He really wants to live with us. 

Wednesday night we played volleyball and went out to dinner to say goodbye to Julia before she returned to the USA.  Unfortunately, the dinner poisoned me and I was in bed for two days after 😞

As soon as I felt well enough to walk down the stairs (yea) I went to a bakery two blocks away to pick up a loaf of bread as I could only imagine eating toast.  They happened to have donuts which they don't always have, so I grabbed one for me and one for Elvis.   P.s. Elvis is the best at taking care of me when I'm sick, he brought me a bunch of stuff and carried me 

V finally destroyed her second box 



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