Thinking out Loud

Good morning and Happy Thursday! Today I'm thinking out loud with Amanda @ Running with Spoons and her friends !

[1]   I tried to do my laundry on Friday but one of the tubes was disconnected and I couldn't get it to go right, so I couldn't.  Saturday-Monday I ended up wearing dresses and skirts because that was absolutely the only clean clothes I had left.  Finally, I was on my last skirt and asked Elvis to look at the "broken" washing machine to see if he could fix it since he knows how to do everything.  He got it going within 5 minutes! haha, yay! Finally all my clothes are clean.  

[2]   This week I've started training the people who will continue with my study after I leave.  Training laboratory techniques in Peru can be frustrating for me; most students here are trained and not thoroughly taught, meaning that they know how to follow the rules, instructions, etc. but they don't know how to troubleshoot.  This happens when you haven't been taught all the theory and given the chance to experiment and ask questions about science in the right environment.  The major problem with this in a microbiology lab is when students don't know what steps or parts can be skipped/edited/changed and which parts are essential.  I also find students are very quick to say "contamination!" when something doesn't go the way they expected, which is absurd.  Ok, this is hard to explain in writing and without using specific examples, but most of you don't care about the lab, so moving on!

V loves motorcycle rides!

Look at Maya's big butt! She is growing so fast! 

This is my new work cat! I don't know where she came from but she hangs around outside my lab now and she's very talkative and friendly. 

I've been really stressing over something lately and got a bunch of good news on Tuesday, so I took Elvis on a dessert date.  We went to this fancy new coffee shop and enjoyed pisco sours during happy hour along with a brownie sundae for me and a camu-camu crepe for him. 

This is my new go-to breakfast when I'm working a lot in the lab, its chaufa (fried rice) with platanos and fried egg, and a surtido juice on the side.  This is all 4 soles

I've been keeping V in the house a lot the past few weeks to make sure her wound heals and doesn't get infected, so I bought her a new toy to give her something exciting to do, cute huh?


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