Thinking Out Loud

Good morning and Happy Thursday! Thinking out loud this morning Running with Spoons and some pictures from my week :) 

I ordered these cool bumper sticks to support the ALT-NPS and they just came in

V got bit by a dog last week and the spot is right where her back paw hits, so she's been scratching it and ripping out the stitches with her paw! 

Cristina and Will took me out to dinner at a new restaurant which is really cute and had direct full-moon views 

The new community educator and moms in community taught me how to sew little flowers! 

I made four of them! The moms are using them to decorate bags and such that they're working on.

Labwork often has a lot of random amounts of downtime, for example the 15 minute sterilization period.  Luckily, our lab center has this beautiful wooded section with park benches to hangout in 



Hows your dog?

Whats the last restaurant you ate at? 

Do you know how to sew? 

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