Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Good morning and happy Thursday! I can't believe its Thursday already, this week is going fast for me.  How about you?
I'm excited to be linking up with Running With Spoons again this week for some random thoughts 😉

1]  I mentioned I booked my flight home for May... So I had just booked my flight very strategically so that I would be here for the whole four days of the Festival of Water, and then the NGO found a conflict and moved it to the day after I leave!  I was so looking forward to this festival and so happy to have it as my last week 😔 oh well

2]  Elvis took me out to lunch the other day to this place, Bucanero, that I couldn't believe I had never even heard of! It's right on the river with beautiful views and floor-to-ceiling windows.  They also had a huge menu and we both had really delicious food.  I had the ceviche / fish chicharron combo and Elvis had cecina with tacacho

3]  Last night, I took V with me to work.  I had been wanting to do this and checked with the guards who encouraged me to bring her.  Where I work is a big green beautiful campus with flowers, fruit trees, plants, and forest.  The laboratories are separated into smaller individual buildings, giving lots of room for the outdoors and Vaquita LOVED exploring this place.  

4]  Well, it got less fun once we went to leave work.  The "guard dog," which is just a dog who has decided this is her territory, did not like Vaquita being there.  She chased her away, but V is much faster so kind of won that one.  But then, V came back over and the dog went after and bit V.  It was about 8:30 at night when I got V back to the city and her regular vet closes at 8:00, so we walked through the 'dog store neighborhood' to see if anyone was still open, and luckily we found one.  The vet there quickly stitched her little belly up and gave her a couple shots.  Poor baby is in her cone again now.


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