The Day in Nauta, Loreto, Peru

Nauta is a small jungle city about 1.5 hours from Iquitos, Peru in car (12 hours in boat) 

 Boats along the edge of the Amazon River

We found a monkey at the fish market.  They make a soup out of this monkey meat that everyone assured me is quite delicious..... no thanks.

We went to see this awesome lagoon where we found a bunch of chirapas and paiche!

 Can you spot the two turtles and one paiche in this picture?

Across the river is an artificial beach they've constructed to support the chirapas.  Chirapas are a sea turtle species that are endangered, so these beaches give them a safe place to lay their eggs and protect the eggs until they hatch.  

Boats along the Amazon River 

We enjoyed parrillada, which is basically a BBQ.  It's usually hosted at someones house, where they set out chairs, play super loud music, have a ton of beer, and serve up chicken fresh off the grill!  We enjoyed some cold beers and lunch there.  It was really good and I ate all of my plate! I usually leave a lot behind and people just except that I'm a gringa and can't eat as much as them, but I did a good job on this one ;)  Above is grilled chicken (1/4 of a chicken!), rice, potatoes for me/yucca for Elvis, and cocona aji (fruity hot sauce- ok sounds weird explained in that way but I promise its delicious). 

After lunch, we headed over to this pool!  It's huge and there was only a couple other people there on a Saturday afternoon, so it was really quiet and calm.  I imagine Sundays and holidays this place is wild :) 

We swam, sunbathed, and took a nap before showering and heading to catch the colectivo back to Iquitos!


p.s. shout out to Cristina & Will for babysitting Vaquita while we were gone!  V was a little weary of the situation so she wasn't the easiest to babysit ;)

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