Why You'll Love Rapperswil, Switzerland

R A P P E R S W I L ,    S W I T Z E R L A N D 
Rapperswil is a smaller city about 40 minutes outside of Zürich.  We love the tranquil nature, quieter lake, beautiful views, and laid-back downtown!  A variety of paddle boats are available for rent at the lake, which is a super fun way to spend the morning! I love seeing cities from their waters.  
The lakefront is lined with nice restaurants and delicious italian-style pizza galore! There's also some great ice cream and gelato spots.  Roam the brick cobbled streets and explore some old buildings and small stores.  There are beautiful gardens, including the rose garden above, and a castle at the top of the hill.  Rapperswil is home to a few large events, festivals, and concerts throughout the year and cross the river to an awesome indoor waterpark and spa! 


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