Weekend Update

Good morning and Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed your weekend! I had a, maybe too, relaxing weekend over here.  I was feeling pretty terrible Friday from this bacterial infection I've got, but am happy to report I achieved my goal of feeling better by weekends-end!  Today I just want to share some random tidbits from my weekend. 

Tried my hand again at making homemade cinnamon rolls.  This time, I used my moms regular recipe (she makes the best cinnamon rolls), but she always uses a bread machine and I used my hands for everything.. so my hands didn't quite cut it or I wasn't patient enough, but they came out a little more biscuit-y than they should.. BUT, they look perfect and beautiful and I'm proud I created them!

Here in Iquitos the ground is super sandy and dusty, so add in a dog and that means I have to consistently sweep my floors daily.  She also loves to rip apart cardboard into little pieces, so this is what my floors looked like after sweeping up her mess this weekend..  

Still drinking that lemonade-bubbly-water.  I noticed the other day that there's a little image of a stick-figure man in front of a microwave that says "perfect to accompany that dish that makes you feel like a real chef"... umm, how me is that!?  This beverage just gets me.  

Re my bacterial infection, I've been coughing a lot and Thursday night I barely slept as I kept waking myself up coughing.  So, Friday I consulted with my doctors (Cristina & Will 😉) and they told me what to ask the pharmacist for.  This cough syrup is clearly for children... but it did the trick! I slept well Friday night. 

Vaquita has been super sleepy this weekend, what a princess! 

Ok, this is not so light-hearted, but important.  There's a movement getting attention in Peru right now against a proposal to give trans students rights at school to choose which bathroom they use based on gender identity instead of biological sex at birth.  These signs, protests, marches, and events have been really upsetting to me (and I'm sure those who are gender-nonconforming or gay (somehow gays are being included in this even though its not a gender)).  However, after the latest march I talked about the situation for a long long time with my neighbors, and feel a bit better knowing that the vast majority of people in support of this movement are doing it because religious leaders are organizing it, because of social influence, because they don't understand the actual laws at play, and most of all they don't understand what it means to be LGBTQ at all.  Of course it is sad and scary to think so many people lack so much understanding of LGBTQ, especially in a place where they're very clearly all around us.  But, at least it is not out of hate (as most things like this right now are in the USA).  The people I've talked to agree with me that teaching your children tolerance is important and respecting the choices of others is the right thing to do, but the main point they're pulling for is that children are too young to be exposed to trans/gays and should not be allowed "to choose" that lifestyle for themselves at that age.  These people are still living under the assumption that LGBTQ arises due to a psychiatric problem (as the USA used to), and so raising your children correctly will prevent it.  Basically, Peru is 70 years 'behind' us in terms of LGBTQ (also Woman)'s rights.  [I don't like to use the term behind as it assumes that the USA is examplary and the right way to develop and thats not true, but in terms of LGBTQ I think we're going the right direction] 



How was your weekend? Whats the best thing you ate?

Whats your favorite food that your mom makes?! 

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