Weekend Recap

Hola hola and Happy Monday! 

I had a really nice weekend over here with lots of activity, it was so hard to wake up to my 6 am alarm this morning (but I did because if not V would pee on the floor)

Friday morning I met my friends/coworkers at the NGO down at the edge of Belen for our monthly community cleanup!  The kids from the four communities we work in and all the employees and some parents come together to clean up this area of Belen.  When people dump trash in this area, not only does it contaminant the environment and their own neighborhood, it then carries across the river to the other side where these kids live! This is not technically their neighborhood where we clean up, which is nice to learn that you don't only have to care for your own house you need to consider how trash in one area of the city will impact other people and animals.  We spent the morning picking up trash from the street and river (I don't have pictures because it was raining so I left my phone at home) and then they were rewarded with warm milk and ham sandwiches.  

Friday afternoon, I stayed at home to try to get some work done.  I didn't have to go into the lab so I just worked with my data and some writing I had.  That night Elvis and I shared another pepperoni pizza (uht oh expensive habit developing, pizza is $$ here) before cracking open a bottle of homemade liquor I had sitting in the fridge... One of the communities I work in makes a lot of sugar cane juice.  There are two types, (1) sweet and (2) strong.  Strong juice means it has been fermented for about a month or so to a fairly high alcohol content.  I've heard stories of peopling being poisoned from homemade alcohol (notably Kenya) so I was too scared to drink it.  Elvis, however, was confident it was fine and so I tried to get him to drink all of it, haha!  It actually tastes a lot better than I expected, a bit like apple cider.  

Early Saturday morning it was time for the Eco-fair! The kids brought out their art they had made and plants they've grown in the community center's garden.  It was raining again but the rain passed shortly.  I bought this awesome art piece from one of the girls.  
I went home around noon to let the dog out, shower, eat lunch, and get a little break from the hot sun. In the afternoon, I returned for the Tarde Cultural, Cultural Afternoon!  This part is so so so cute.  The kids put on a whole show.  The older kids (14-16 yrs old) are the hosts and introduce all the acts, explain the community clean up and Eco-fair, and talk about the importance of kindness, love, keeping the community cleaning, and preventing violence. The local universities send out a few groups (this time three) of students to put on plays or play instruments.  Of course my favorite part is when the kids from our partner communities put on their plays, dance, and sing!  There's a group of about 20 kids from San Jose who sing a song about the NGO together and every time I get so so so happy watching them!! Its SO cute and the littlest girls are in the center tapping their feet to the beat and getting really into the words! 
After the show wrapped up, the kids all went home and we (the employees + me) were cleaning up the tents and tables when it started to pour.  I think we were all pretty grumpy by the time this happened as no one had eaten dinner yet and everyone except me had been out there all day long.  By the time I finally got home, I wanted to go right to bed but I was also really hungry, decisions decisions (I made oatmeal)
Sunday was supposed to be my hermit day, anyone else do this? I like to spend a day completely alone sometimes, every week or two.  I sleep in, take the dog to the park, cook in my apartment, and just kinda read and hangout here... But, my hermit plans got ruined when I took V for a walk and she ran over to play with her best friend Maya.  I've become friends with all of Maya's human family recently and they insisted I come with them to lunch.  To my surprise, we went to Al Frio y Al Fuego, what I would say is the fanciest restaurant in Iquitos.
There's also a pool, so we went swimming too, which I have been wanting to do there! We had two small kids with us who were both obsessed with the water. Their mom doesn't swim very well and the pool was too deep to stand in, so I took the kids to swim a bunch and neither wanted to stop! The baby just kept wanting to jump in the pool and climb up the ladder like her older brother, so so so cute. 
We got home around dinner time Sunday and I made pasta, took the dog to the park to play with Scruffy (a street dog friend), and read some blogs.  I also stopped by over my friends house again to join the festivities as they were still all hanging out, listening to music, and sharing some beers, but I was too exhausted from the swimming and sun to stay long.   

This is how I work from home.. I keep a stash of toys behind my computer for when V comes over asking to play (she hasn't quite learned to bring them to me yet)

We are off to go pick up Elvis' new puppy today!!! And then I'm going to practice driving motorcycle  😎



How was your weekend? Is it snowing where you are and you're mad that I'm swimming in the tropics? 

Extrovert or introvert? Or extroverted introvert? 

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