Thursday Thoughts

Hellooo and good afternoon! I'm feeling so so much better today after my incredible Dr friend stopped by last night to check on me and prescribe some meds.  I've been sick with a cough for about two weeks and it got a lot worse on Monday so I was starting to get a little concerned but mostly just annoyed!  I also had an infected bug bite, which depending on what kind of bug it actually was could be dangerous.  But, thanks to the medications both things are feeling significantly better today. So thankful for Cristina <3 

After making pancakes last week I had a big boost in my self efficacy and wanted to see what else I could bake! I've never been into baking, but around here if you want some comfort-of-home food you need to make it yourself.  So, I decided to try baking cinnamon rolls!  I followed this coffee cinnamon roll recipe, for reasons I can't quite explain.  I can never just get a simple traditional recipe and follow it all the way through. I always have to do something weird with it.  Well, not only did I use a coffee-flavored recipe, I also didn't have a mixer or dough kneader, and I used instant coffee in place of grinds.  Anywho, it basically worked! 

I struggled a bit with the ratio of dough:sugar and forming the proper shapes and sizes

The other day I decided to cook a huge pot of noodles and store them in Tupperware in the fridge for the week, since I eat noodles almost every night for dinner.  I had four or five different kinds of noodles in my cabinet, and just threw them all in there together.  Weird, but works. 

I asked V to get up on the chair to try this mango peel cause I thought it would be cute 

 I can never remember what this fruit is called, but its just like teeny tiny coconuts!!

I've been consuming lots of fruits this week!  Elvis is kindly bringing them over here in mass, every day a new fruit to try, to get me healthy soon.  My favorite fruit is definitely the mangos, they are soo sweet and juicy here! I eat a whole big one like an apple (but I don't eat the skin). 

Hope you're having a good day! 


Ever tried any exotic fruits? I can't figure out how to spell any of the ones Elvis brought me but I will work on that for you! 

Do you like baking? Whats your speciality? 

Do you get colds a lot? 

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