Three Days of Monaco in Pictures


Basically ALL of Monaco is in this photo! View of the city from the harbor 

We found this fish salon along the harbor and Irfan convinced me to get a fish pedicure, which feels weird! It's mostly very ticklish 

The harbor is full of amazing boats and insane yachts. We spent a lot of time looking at the yachts and boats and debating which ones we'd rather have... 

A small hike up the side of the cliff brings you to the castle! It overlooks this tiny country and is where the prince lived. There's also a cute little neighborhood to get a drink of snack over to the right! 

A must for tourism, Monte Carlo 

We (I) felt we had to go in to the Monte Carlo and gamble!

One of many insane yachts which we looked at and discussed taking for a little trip around Europe


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