Thinking Out Loud

Good morning! I am linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons this week for a ToL! 

(1) Elvis' niece's cat, Halloween, got spayed this week. They left her without the cone of shame and she ripped out her stitches, so she had to go back to the vet!  Now she is stuck in her cone of shame for at least a week. How funny is it to see a black cat in this? 

(2) As I've mentioned before, a bunch of Europeans in the 1900s lived in Iquitos and then left it behind, leaving beautiful terraces, architecture, and tiled floors.  The NGO I partner with has these beautiful original tile floorings that Elvis accidentally captured for me in this work selfie. 

(3) As any of you who have ever worked in a lab know, there's always "wait time."  Sometimes wait time can be scheduled well to be super productive, which is something I'm quite good at.  But, in my new lab we use UV lights to disinfect surfaces and these UV lights aren't so good for people to be exposed to repeatedly, so I opt to leave the lab during sterilization periods and just kind of sit outside and wait.. Well, I my lab is part of a beautiful compound with plants, fruit trees, flowers, and a little forested section. So I've decided to start taking walks around and looking at flowers during this 15-minuted sterilization period that I do several times a day. 

(4) I'm trying to get back on track with a couple things, so these are my goals for this week! 
Goals for myself
      • Brush my hair 1-2 times a week (I have curly hair, so unless you have very curly hair too I don't want to hear it!!) 
      • Go for a four mile run 

 Goals for V
      • Brush her hair twice a week (Elvis bought her a little hair brush!) 
      • Teach her not to eat in my bed (Idk why she does this, bad habit) 



Do you have any pets? Cat or Dog person? (yes I will judge your answer) 

Anyone else love love old buildings, houses, and tiling like me? 

Do you set weekly, monthly, or annual goals for yourself? 

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