Thinking out Loud - Friday

Good Morning! I was planning on linking up with Amanda @ Running with Spoons again for a Thinking out Loud Thursday yesterday but our internet has been messy and then went out for a while due to the mudslides in Lima, but better late than never? 

Monday I convinced Elvis to take me to practice driving motorcycle.  The hardest part for me right now is that the bike is so heavy.. trying to balance it and shift gears without falling over, haha. 

After the driving lesson, we went to this new Mexican restaurant that opened a couple weeks ago in the city center! I had been wanting to try it because we frequent another restaurant that serves "tacos" but they're not very good... well thankfully I loved this new place. Its way better than the other option, and they make homemade corn tortilla chips and nachos! Tortilla chips are not available here at all.. they don't sell them in the grocery store or make them anywhere else so this is very exciting for me ๐Ÿ˜‰  It was Elvis' first time trying Mexican food and he really liked it too!  I've never had real authentic Mexican food in Mexico so I'm not sure how it holds up, but either way I'm excited. 

This is the moment before Vaquita and her best friend Maya get to play.. they spot each other from opposite sides of the street, Maya sits down and waits patiently, and V sits at the curb to wait for me to tell her she can go, how cute are they ๐Ÿ˜Š

This is what the edge of the City of Iquitos looks like where it meets the river (tributary of the Amazon River).  I feel like globally, everyone wants to say the Amazon Jungle is something we should all protect and worry about for the number of animals and plants that live here, a lot of which we haven't even identified yet.  However if that is true, than we should all be taking some responsibility for the pollution going on here that is killing animals and plants.  The people here do not have the resources to deal with pollution or trash, so someone needs to invest in the environment in Peru if you we want to protect it.  

I posted a picture of a black puppy the other day that we were about to go adopt, but the family who was caring for him had given him away the night before.  So, we found a new Philly to love! He looks like a little Vaquita and the kids in my neighborhood think he is V's baby ๐Ÿ˜Š

Sleeping baby Philly, he's adorable asleep but very noisy awake... there was a rooster sitting on the puppies for some reason, looking after them.  And now.. Philly makes rooster noises.. seriously. He crows instead of howling. It's terrible.   

For anyone else who works in a lab: the students I'm sharing laboratory space with use glass petri dishes and re-use their pipette tips.. Whenever you complain about not having a multi-well pipette, just remember these kids clean every single pipette tip they use and autoclave them and use them again..... And they have to clean the used agar out of the glass plates.. jeeze oh man. 



How is your week going?

Do you eat a lot of Mexican food? Tacos or Burrito? 

Do you know how to drive a motorcycle? Car? Boat? 

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