Sentence(s) per Picture Saturday

Good morning and Happy Weekend guys! I hope you had a good week and are relaxing some this weekend.  Just like last week I wanted to take note from THE Hungry Runner Girl and do a sentence per picture Saturday! (I got a lil overexcited on a few) 

This lil pup has been hanging around the little "bus stop" or I guess "boat stop" where we wait for our boat to community.  I managed to convince Elvis to rescue him but when he went back he wasn't there!

V got her stitches out (from her spaying) on Monday and finally got to lose the cone. Before her visit with the vet she always gets to play with Peruanita, who was in an insanely good mood! 

Collected a new set of samples from a new hospital here and was pretty excited! Look at that variation .. interestingggg 

I bought these "bombom" ice creams thinking they were like Dibs, you know dibs? But they were these huge ice cream gobs! Eh 

V met these adorable little golden retriever/yellow lab (not sure) puppies in the park! 

 When Dr. Cristina told me to get lots of rest at home, I needed something to fill my time and decided to try my hand at cinnamon rolls (my mom makes the best homemade cinnamon rolls in the world)

Here's your daily dose of Maya: Cutest fattest puppy ever!

Mani, the guard dog in our apartment building, kept trying to come into my apartment and I wouldn't let him (cause he's bad!), so he slept at my door all morning

There was a heat lightening storm the other night when I had to go up to the roof to grab my blanket which was hang drying, and I managed to capture some pretty cool shots of how wild the lightning gets!

I have had a cough for two+ weeks now and it got worse this week, so I was advised to get a chest x-ray Friday just to be sure its not TB or something serious (TB incidence is quite high here!) [edit: I'm fine, it came back normal!]

Elvis accompanied me to the hospital because I was nervous, and he showed up looking all cute!

How to show me love ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‹ (pizza smooshed via motorcycle ride lol)

This morning I don't have much to do as I'm taking another "sick rest" day in an attempt to be all better by Monday for a full workweek.  I also don't really have much food left, so, I decided to make pancakes again but this time with a recipe my mom suggested



What are you up to today?  How often do you make pancakes? I know some of my friends have weekly pancake traditions.. 

Do you like to bake? Do pancakes count as baking? 

Ever had an x-ray or chest x-ray? 

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