A Weekend in Paris 

Irfan and I arrived in Paris on Friday night, 7 hours late, after we were bumped off our morning flight! It was pretty inconvenient given we only had a weekend in Paris and now we were down almost an entire day, but hey, they basically gave us the price of our tickets back (in credits), so fine. 

We arrived at the CDG airport and went to hop on the train to head downtown and find our Airbnb.  I don't know about you, but after all my life hearing how romantic and beautiful Paris was, I was almost terrified walking onto the train.  I thought it was abandoned and out of service, but Irf assured me this was our train.  

Halfway to downtown, the train stopped and we were stuck for a little while, tired and hungry as we get.  But, eventually we made it to the train station where we then could not figure out how to get to our Airbnb for the life of us and had to call our host to come find us! Oops, good thing Airbnbers are so nice! 

Our Airbnb was super cute and nice, the woman was awesome, and we were close to a bunch of major metro stops.  However, the neighborhood was a little disappointing. We had tried to use the map to find a place near to a neighborhood we had been recommended to stay, but kind of did a bad job I guess and just went for this cheap option.

Friday night, by the time we arrived the Airbnb, we were a bit tired and hungry, and opted to stay in the neighborhood for the night and relax.  We went to dinner at a pizza place that was walking distance (for us, we like to walk pretty far), which allowed us to explore the neighborhood a bit and check out the grocery and breakfast options.  Over dinner, we discussed our options for the weekend and after consulting a map, made a plan to check off all the major tourist attractions Saturday.  The main sightseeing spots (like the Eiffel tower and the Arc) are all in one area of the city, so we decided to take the metro out there and walk between each.    

Saturday morning we headed out for our classic sights!

Street Crepes 

Our neighborhood was cute but maybe not the safest 

Sunday morning we went to see the Louvre! 

Somehow we walked past the Monalisa when we went looking for it! haha, we eventually found the right room after lots of paintings of baby angels and it was stupid crowded, but we managed this awkward shot 

Next we headed across town about to visit the Notre Dame and surrounding neighborhoods 

Obligatory crepe 

Now this is where our real personalities show.. on our last day.. we felt we had seen all the important Paris things and weren't really in love with anything.. so we decided to go to Disneyland! 

Irfan had never been to Disney World or Disneyland, but I was raised in an extremely pro-Disney family. I knew he would love Disney World but we couldn't find the time to get to Florida, so we thought Disney Land would be a fine compromise for time being, haha! 


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