Friday Feels

Happy Friday!  I used to not get too much please out of Fridays since I was working six days a week, but I have off Saturdays now so they're fun again!  

This week,

I was happy to:

  • Celebrate Carnival here in Iquitos! 
  • Get another set of samples going in a new hospital 

I tried: 
  • Making homemade pancakes
  • Baking homemade cinnamon rolls! 
  • Training our building guard dog not to be mean to cats 
  • Getting healthy and rid of this cold/infection/whatever I have 

I was disappointed: 
  • That our Friday afternoon activity was canceled and I didn't get to hangout with my little Alejandra

I'm grateful for: 
  • The biologist at Hospital Iquitos who not only is helping me with sample collection from all three of their clinic sites, but also took quality pictures of me throughout all the samplings! 
  • Vaquita 
Just sitting in the middle of the hospital entrance... labeling falcon tubes, haha! 

I'm loving:


What are you doing this weekend? 

Do you work weekends or have Sat-Sun off? 

Whats your favorite blog? 

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