A Weekend in Rimini, Italy

We went to Rimini on a last-minute weekend trip during our euro-roadtrop!  Irfan scored an awesome deal on a room at this spa hotel, Le Rose Suite Hotel, but we weren't quite sure what to expect of the place or of the town.  Well, spoiler: we loved it!! 

Irfan pulled right into the parking lot of the Le Rose Suite Hotel in the early afternoon, after a long drive across the top of Italy coming from Monaco.  We arrived before check-in time, so we expected to just leave our bags and go for a walk.  However, the receptionist offered us a complimentary beverage at the bar to enjoy while they finished preparing the room and our keys! It was a very elegant touch and we were immediately impressed with the place.  

Our room was way bigger than we expected for the price we paid!  We actually asked the receptionist if it was a mistake or if we had gotten a suite! But nope, thats how big their regular rooms are! Fantastic.  We had a small balcony off the side with partial views of the beach and a kitchenette.  

The hotel was beach-front and also had a pool with water features and plenty of lounge chairs.  There's a bar with great drinks and food, and you can order them from the pool, which we indulged in! We had some issues with the wifi in the room (which on full vacation wouldn't matter but I was working remotely at the time), so we moved to the bar/lobby to get some work down with the wifi down there.
I had a rum and coke and he had a virgin mojito at the hotel bar
Our first night, we went to check out the spa on our way out the door to dinner.  The spa receptionist was friendly and offered us a promo! Well, Irfan is a bit of a spa-fanatic so he couldn't turn down the offer (I could have, haha, pizza!!).  Within ten minutes, we ended up in a tranquil spa room in robes getting ready for a couples massage.  The massage was great and right after we went straight for pizza!  I had a strict Pizza-only diet plan for the whole time we were in Italy, making sure to eat at least one pizza a day!

The hotel came with bikes, which was an awesome touch for Rimini! We used the bikes every single day and were obsessed with them.  Rimini is a super bike-able beach town and it was our only form of transportation! We took them everywhere!

Our favorite thing about Rimini was definitely the hotel, so I'll keep talking about it.  There was a huge breakfast spread that we both really enjoyed, and one bar-prepared drink came for each person! Irfan always ordered his beloved hot chocolate, and I went for a cappuccino.  We hit up the hotel gym once or twice in the mornings, which helped us take full advantage of the breakfast bar afterwards! Yum!

We took the hotel staff's recommendations very seriously and only ate at restaurants that came recommended. Rimini is a tourist destination so the entire main street is lined with tourist-trap restaurants- a mistake I was not willing to make while in ITALY, the home of my favorite foods ever. We also ventured out to a highly recommended Seafood restaurant over the harbor, where I tried lobster for the first time (no thanks).

We had a great time in Rimini and mostly thanks to Le Rose Suite Hotel (not sponsored in anyway, just really had an awesome time here)!! If I'm even back in town, you know where I'll be staying. And what I'll be eating ;) (above pizza!) 

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