Working in Lima

I took the 5 am flight to Lima for the second dreadful time (leaving the house at 3:00 am is not easy for me).  Finally arriving around 8:30 am to my boss' apartment where I planned the stay the week (for free!), I was looking forward to laying down and letting both Vaquita and I take a nap before starting the day.  Well, the doorman had different ideas.  He immediately stopped me and said that dogs were not allowed in the building.  This was hard for me to believe, since I had already checked with my boss several weeks ago and he enthusiastically accepted the dog and said there would be no problem!  But, after checking with the boss' assistant, turns out they had agreed to a community rule when buying the apartment that dogs are not allowed in the building.  So, I twisted his arm to let us stay the day (I mean, we had nowhere else to go!).
I got to work searching and Airbnb for a place to stay at the last minute.  I found this nice little Airbnb apartment in Miraflores and jumped at it, since I knew I was lucky to have it as an option at the last minute.  I have searched the Airbnbs in the Miraflores/Barranco area multiple times before, so I had already saved a short list of places I like.  This is a great function of their website, because then at the last minute I could search if any of those were available for my dates.  
So, Thursday morning I packed and got V out of the apartment early (before the doorman showed up hehe) for the day.  We headed to the Malecon where there are tons of parks and dogs to play with. I let Vaquita explore off-leash for about two hours! She met tons of dogs, kids, adults, and jumped through the bushes (her favorite).  
Once V started looking tired, I headed back downtown where I planned to get some work done at a coffee shop while V took her post-play nap.  Well, I misjudged how tired she was and ended up carrying her a few blocks because she was so so exhausted, haha! She was moseying alone and every shady spot we passed she would lay down in.  In the end, the plan worked well and V slept soundly under my table outside while I got two hours of work done.  At that time, it was noon and we could move into our Airbnb

My host was super friendly and nice, so I left V with him and the family in their patio while I headed back downtown to pick up my suitcase which I had left in my boss' apartment.  
I worked some from home with frequent dog walk breaks for the rest of the day. 
Early Friday morning, I got myself and V all ready for a big day.  I had to head out to the field site which is a good hour and a half away, so V needed to be boarded for the day.  We left the house early in the morning and walked across town to the vet.  It was a long walk, but I wanted to exercise her well and spend time together before leaving her at the vet all day.  The funny thing is, we ran into TWO of my friends on the way there! 

I quickly dropped off V and jumped in a Cabify to head to the field site.  Cabify is a private driver service, kind of like what Uber used to be before it got out of hand.  Cabify is great for Lima travel, because it is safe and secure, you can pay through the app which can be linked to your credit card or bank account, or you can choose to pay in cash instead.  You can also book trips for someone else using your app or schedule a trip ahead of time.  I've had all great experiences with Cabify so far. 

At the field site, I shadowed two fieldworkers on their rounds to collect blood from study participants.  It was really interesting but also exhausting. The field site is in the desert, its dry and hot, and they do A LOT of walking! Somehow I don't really get sunburn in the Amazon anymore, but I got sunburn here in the desert! 

I was excited to make it back to the city and pick up V late that afternoon and she was SO RELIEVED to see me.  She did not enjoy her time at the vet :(

More on Lima later..


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