What to Expect When You're Expecting (a Puppy)

(1)  The first few days or nights at home, your puppy will miss their mommy!

Depending on their age and if they came straight from living with their mother or from a shelter, your puppy will likely miss their mom up until month four or five.  Some puppies will cry their first night away from their mom, most search out something to snuggle in her place.  My puppy didn't cry being away from her mom, but snuggled up to me and slept on my chest all night.  She also would have dreams she was feeding milk from her mommy for the first two weeks with me, as I would watch her suckle during naps and her little throat "swallow" the imaginary milk.

(2) The more often your pup can be let outside, the faster they'll potty train

This is difficult if you work full-time out of the house so in that case you will need a lot more patience for your pooch!  But, potty-training is a work in progress. They will likely learn that they aren't supposed to pee in the house before they can hold their bladder very long! My puppy was going outside to pee every 2-3 hours from months three-five (sometimes more!).. During month five, she was usually able to hold it for four hours, but not always!  In six months, she she hold it until I get home from work and is good for 4-5 hours alone consistently.  

(3) Around three to four months, your puppy will find their voice! 

They start barking, crying, growling, howling, and making weird sound combinations of all of the above.  Dogs learn what their sounds mean by interacting with you and other dogs.  If every time they cry, you come pet them, they'll learn that crying gets them attention. This is something you don't want! I mostly ignore Vaquita's sounds, unless she's genuinely crying off fear or pain or needing to go to the bathroom. This works to teach her that barking doesn't earn her the things that she wants, and so she barks less.  

(4) Your social life will shift

When you have a loving puppy waiting for you at home, it makes staying out late more difficult. You won't want to leave your sweet baby home alone all night knowing they miss you! I don't stay out as late anymore and I definitely follow a sleep/wake schedule much closer now.  This is beneficial for me overall to be one a more consistent schedule! I also prefer to have people over to the house to going out for drinks, or going for a walk or to eat ice cream in a park is also a nice way to incorporate exercising your puppy with catching up with friends.  

(5) The expenses really add up! 

Your puppy will need vaccinations at three months and a few months after (depending on where you live). They will also need parasite medications, de-worming, and flea medications. Around six months, your dog should be spayed or neutered!  One way to save some money on this is to shop around and ask for prices, as well as seek out if there are any animal NGOs around that offer lower prices.  However, if you see a regular veterinarian, these procedures are not cheap!  Add onto this the price of dog food (you'll likely shop around a bit on this to find one that is both healthy, affordable, and your dog likes), toys, and treats, and you've got an expensive little best friend there! 

(6) You will love this puppy more than you can believe! 

Raising a puppy is an extremely rewarding experience.  Watching a puppy learn new tricks, figure out how to play with new toys and fetch a ball, learn how to properly socialize with other dogs, and get bigger and stronger is so amazing! 

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Do you have a dog? How old were they when you adopted them? 

Thinking about adopting a puppy? What questions do you have?

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