What I ate in Lima, Peru

Friday night my friend Julia brought me on a 35 minute walk to this restaurant she had been wanting to try.  Bao? is a chinese bun that is eaten somewhat like a taco, stuffed with meat and veggies.  The lovely woman taking our order chose for us by request, and we ended up with a rice bowl to share of a fried chicken and pulled pork combo.  We each then receive a Bao, one fried chicken and one pork belly.  Everything was delicious! The pulled pork in the rice bowl was amazing, the sauce on top a delicious pair.  We will definitely be back; only problem is that its a bit far away and decreasing the likelihood I would pop in there for dinner without planning ahead.

Julia and I also headed out to one of my tried and true favorites in Barranco, Burrito Bar! These burritos are damn good, and as far as I know the best you'll get in Peru.  I go for the chicken (pollo) with everything inside (just say yes).  The tortillas I believe are made in house, and super chewy fresh and delicious! 

The next night I had my beloved and promised Pizza Hut.  We don't have any real pizza in Iquitos, so a family size pepperoni is my regular tradition whenever I'm in Lima!  Anywhere else I've lived, I generally eat pizza multiple times a week. So I'm not sure exactly how I ended up living in a place without pizza for an entire year! 

This coffee and snack spot, Beso Frances (French kiss), is located in a beautiful location right along the Malecon in Miraflores overlooking the beach, the ocean, and a perfect spot for watching sunsets.  They've got delicious grilled-cheese-esq sandwiches, sweet crepes, coffee and lattes, and a nutella milkshake (yum)! They also always leave out water for the pups and sell dog treats as well.  

Ice cream is another must for me in Lima, especially since its summer and hot there right now! My favorite spot is Crem de la Crem in Barranco, serving gelato!!  I go for the large and get one scoop of the nutella flavor (gianduia) and one scoop of the banana foster! So good and a good combination together! 

There's also Blu around the other side of this block, which is really popular but I'm honestly not sure why.  

As for coffee, I like Agora because (1) they tend to have very attractive male baristas, (2) they're friendly, and (3) they let my dog sit with me at the tables outside [which other places (cough*sbucks) yell at me for]. Also, location of course. Very central. 

Aromia is also a nice spot, its location off of the main streets make it quieter and more low key.  They also have good breakfast and for a good value! 


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