Week 2 Take Two

During my first six months in Iquitos I was counting the weeks and labeling them on my blog posts, hence the week 2 take 2 title. Strange things that happened this week:
  1. The guard dogs out front of the houses on my street were all barking some time between 3 and 4 am the other night.  It woke both V and I up, and it got her pretty stressed out. This maybe doesn't seem that strange, but it has never happened before, I'm a pretty light (read: anxious) sleeper, so it makes me wonder what happened (was too tired to actually go look).
  2. I'm still amazed by how much the river rises each day
this used to be a basketball/soccer court, now it is where I catch my boat

 Cute things that happened this week:
  1. V learned how to play nice with her little baby friend Maya, which is sooo sweet to watch.  She's never been the bigger dog before! So she never ever plays gentle, until now hehe
  2. V officially likes being in a moto taxi

 Things that made me happy this week:
  1. Alejandra and her parents finally got to Lima!
  2. It's "winter" here in Iquitos (which means the temp is about 80-85 instead of 85-90), its a bit cloudier, and it rains every day! This is great for us, because I get so hot and sweaty and tired in those crazy hot days. It also means that at 6 am I am actually capable of running outside without passing out!!!
  3. Add-on to point 2) V and I are running! She seems to enjoy it though she wants to take a lot of breaks to chase birds, greet other dogs, and sniff trees.  She's also way faster than me, soo sometimes she is speed walking when I'm jogging. How embarassing.
  4. I realized we have a fully functioning washer in our building.... so I can do laundry myself (on cold) to save money and prevent my clothes from getting smaller and smaller each week (for a while there I thought I was gaining weight because my clothes kept getting smaller, nope they just use super hot water at the Lavanderia).
Things that made me sad this week:
  1. Julia isn't here and I miss her (HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME)


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