Wednesday Words

Happy hump day!  Hope you had a good Valentines day yesterday! Here are some things I got up to yesterday:

Meetings gone awry 

I've tried to have a million meetings this week and they just kept going wrong. Mostly its just that someone doesn't show up, or they were running super late (1.5+ hours) and I didn't have time to sit and wait all afternoon.  But I guess I forgot how hard it can be to track some people down around here.  

Valentines dinner with friends

We went to Chef Paz on Tuesday night to welcome Jessie and talk about life with the gringo-squad.  They have a long menu which confuses me, so I went with my general favorite: aji de gallina.  This place is fairly fancy and expensive, especially compared to where I usually get this dish, so I knew it had to be different in some way.  but, it was actually much the same but with parmesan cheese and nuts on top. Interesting. It was nice to see everyone and catch up, though I was exhausted by the end and got home past my bedtime 😉

Vaquita is getting spayed soon 

And I'm nervous! She had a simple injection almost four weeks ago now and it got infected. So I know that the chances she gets an infection are not bad and for that reason she'll probably be on house arrest for several days (or maybe I can wrap it up?).  But mostly, as long as the surgery goes well, she'll be fine.  I'm really just worried about how good quality the actually surgery will be.  I'm sure it will be fine though! They do this all the time! Right !? 


I've mentioned to most people already how I'm trying to live within a super tight budget for the next two months.  Two months is my revised goal as the six-month goal is just not feasible and I'm going to have to find another solution.  But, I'm making a low-for-here Peruvian salary and I don't have any other income sources (or savings left lol thanks Hopkins).  I'm definitely learning a lot and not doing TOO bad (other than that week in Lima, lets pretend that didn't happen).  My main problem is that my apartment rent is just wayyy too expensive for this budget. I'm spending 75% of my income on rent!! The reality is still that I am a single young female foreigner here and safety comes first, so I'm not sure if I'm willing to move to a much cheaper place.  

V's Best Friend, Maya. I love her! 


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