Sentence per Picture Saturday

Hi all and Happy Saturday!  I'm taking note from HRG's traditional sentence per picture Saturday posts this week to share with you a bit from my week! 

I found these new chicken jerky treats for Vaquita and she loves them! 

Poor Vaquita struggling to play with her football in her cone

Came across this vintage anti-women's suffrage poster in an article Sunday night and loved how ridiculous and shamelessly sexist it is, I want a copy!

Monday morning was spent surveying and sampling from a Hospital here in Iquitos for my new study 

Am I the only one who didn't know this is how you copy a key? 

 Vaquita and Mani playing on the roof!

Volleyball crew said goodbye to Jeroen! 

Embarrassing selfie in the lab re-warming my agar 

Picture by Kate, of the storm clouds rolling in

V and her best friend Maya reunited after 5 days apart while V was recovering from surgery to prevent infection

My first set of sewage samples worked out well, here I'm measuring rings around the disks to assess antibiotic resistance 

Found this random turtle bread at the grocery store

This is my favorite drink currently, its like a bubbly-water lemonade hybrid!

Creepy hospital is slowly being knocked down, but the office I had my meeting in Friday was the only room still standing on this floor.... 

Have a good weekend!


Any big plans this weekend? How do you normally spend your Saturdays? 

Anyone else love bubbly water? [not seltzer or sparkling water! this is often called Splash at Acme/Giant and doesn't seem to have a real name so I call it bubbly water.. ] 

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