Rain rain come again

I loveeee the rainy season you guys.  It's so great. The rain temporarily takes away all the heat and humidity and really cools it down here.  Also, its just so amazing to see how much the city changes in the rainy season.  I'm not sure if I'll ever get over it, haha!

V sticks her entire body out of a moto taxi 

 This week, I'm grateful for:
  • INFANT; I love working with them! As much as my free time as possible is spent with them and 'volunteering' in the community. This is honestly the reason I decided to stay in Iquitos longer.  If they could hire me full time I would probably stay forever.
  • Health; there were some close calls this week in the mental and physical health of people close to me, but everything is going to be OK.
  • Julia is here! I just wrote in my last post that I missed Julia in IQT and the next day she texted me that she was coming for work! woohoo. Unfortunately this week has been hectic for me due to random issues so I haven't seen her too much.
I feel sad to be:
  • Far away from my people in the USA when they're having a hard time
  • Unable to rescue all of the puppies and kittens that are cold, sick, injured, starving in community. I've become a little preoccupied with this.. there are several animals I bring food to but it seems the list just keeps getting longer and I don't know if I really should be doing it
I enjoyed:
  • Playing with tiny baby kittens (we named this one Rosa, for my sister (Alyssa Rose))
  • Being awkwardly informal in the nicest restaurant in Iquitos
  • Watching Vaquita enjoy herself playing in big sand piles (she is going to LOVE the beach, I.can.not.wait)
  • Getting V and the cats in our neighborhood to slowly become friends.  There are now several cats that like me enough to let me pet them (I literally have never seen a Peruvian pet a cat.. I might be the only person to have ever touched them), which means I can get them closer and closer to V as well.
wacko dog too excited to see kitty cat; doesn't know what to do with body

I'm struggling with:
  • Putting myself on a strict budget; I'm starting to become very aware of how much student loan debt I've procured during ONE year in my master's program. And the fact that in several months I will need to start paying it back.  Also, the fact that I'm currently getting a low-even-for-here Peruvian salary that 75% of which goes to my apartment.  I decided to focus a lot more on living within this salary by putting myself on a fairly strict budget, but I'm realizing why people take jobs that pay a lot even when they don't enjoy them... debt is un-cool.
I'm looking forward to:
  • Spending some time in Lima next month; summer in Lima is fantastic
  • Finally getting trained on my new sampling and assay methods; I'm ready to get started on this!!



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