My Internet has Returned and Starting my new Study

Man not to be dramatic, but I got really behind on work this weekend without internet! My internet has finally come back on without explanation and I can resume normal life.  I missed a deadline for a job application I was looking at, but hey. I also got some nice screen-free time which must be good for you! 

Monday morning I took the first set of samples for my new study! It was fun and exciting! I love getting out to new areas and learning something new!  I don't spend much time in this part of the city and am maybe the only of the gringos who hasn't worked a single day in a hospital here yet.  So, this was an interesting introduction! Though still quite different from what my med-student and doctors friends are doing as I don't work with patients nor any of their data or information.  My study is focused more on Environmental Health and the spread of antibiotic resistance from epicenters of antibiotic dosing into the community and the environment.  

This is where the hospital sends all wastewater for treatment, which has now clearly fallen into disrepair. Wastewater leaving the hospital is not treated AT ALL and goes from here directly into the river! Which is also a residential area with many homes and families.  Can you see why I really like my work?

The team I worked with on Monday at the first hospital were super helpful, friendly, and casual.  I learned a lot and I would say it went perfectly! 

My new lab is quite nice! 
Back in the microbiology lab, I'm definitely still adjusting to my new equipment! I almost fried my inoculated plates (petri dishes with bacteria in them) because I didn't realize the UV lights in the hood go on automatically!! 

Anyway, I'm having fun with my new study and things are going well so far! 

Vaquita is recovering well from her spaying surgery Friday and I am still being quite protective of her.  She had an injection get infected here a few weeks ago, so now that she has a stitched wound I am certainly not risking another infection! It was pretty horrible to deal with!  

Rare moment of Mani in a good mood!
Hope you're having a good week! 


When is the last time you've changed jobs? 

Ever gone without internet in your home/apartment for more than one day!? 

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