My Dog's Six Most Important Things

1) Fleece Bed

My mom bought this bed for V for Christmas from PetSmart.  She took to it quickly and really likes it. She loves fleece fabrics.

2) These Digest-eeze rawhide treats are win-win for us here.

Many people are anti-rawhide for their dogs and swallowing the end pieces can be dangerous.  But, V is teething and needs something to ease her mouth soreness and stop her from chewing on things she shouldn't be.  That's where these Digest-eeze treats come in. They're 99% digestible and were shown to digest 60% faster than traditional rawhides. They have pork and beef flavorings in them to inspire your pup to chew, and V jumps around with joy when I break one out. They keep her occupied a good hour.

3) Gooby Harness

We bought this Gooby Choke Free X Frame Harness at Petco, after trying out a bunch of other options and not finding any that fit right. We love this one:

4) Soft fabric toys 

She loves her fabric toys more than her plastic, rubber, etc.  My guess is they're better for her teething mouth? Also, they're dual purpose because she'll snuggle them too.  


5) One of her all time favorite treats are these Lamb Jerky ones 

6) Her dog food! I was feeding Vaquita Pro Plan when she was underweight and malnourished during her first month with me.  But, after she had caught up with her weight and was healthy, I figured there was no harm in switching to a cheaper brand.  Well, soon after her hair started shedding more than normal and the vet recommended we go back to the Pro Plan, as it is the best available dog food in Iquitos.  So, this spoiled princess pup enjoys her Pro Plan Puppy (for medium breeds) 

This is what we buy here, but apparently they don't sell this version in the USA.

This is the USA equivalent 


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