Happy 6-months Vaquita!

My baby girl turns six-months old today! 

Vaquita was born in the floating community outside of Iquitos called Nuevo Campeon.  She is the baby of a guard dog who lives inside one of the families homes, but they didn't have the space nor resources to care for the pups.  She was living beneath their home when I met her.

I've had Vaquita for over three months now and we're insanely attached. 

V is a mama's girl. Doesn't like to be too far away or out of sight from me. 

She loves "destroying"; I'll give her empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls to rip up the cardboard, cardboard boxes from groceries, and sometimes just throw balls of paper for her. When she was quite sick in January (on house arrest) I gave her an entire roll of toilet paper to tear up and play with: my apartment was COVERED in tiny pieces of toilet paper.  

Her favorite thing in the world is tall grass, bushes, and flower gardens! (why Miraflores is her heaven) 

She also loves sand piles ! 

She's a good off-leash walker! She'll run around and explore and do her own thing, all the while keeping up with me and never getting too far behind or out of sight. 

But, she still doesn't know the streets.  She will still run into the street if she sees a piece of chicken laying there (or a dead rat).  The insecticide-spraying crew came around the other night and the sound terrified her. She ran off all the way straight home, but didn't take care to the street! 

She's found her voice recently, and even has her big girl bark! Though she doesn't always get it out right.  She's also learned to growl (less fun) and cry-bark when I leave her alone.  

She goes completely nuts for these digestible rawhide treats I give her

She loves Elvis a lot, and thoroughly enjoys his birdy noises
Vaquita likes traveling... 

but isn't a big fan of the airplane 
She does, however, love moto taxis! 


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