Carnival Weekend in Iquitos, Peru

Friday morning I was extremely productive as I had a long list of tasks and goals I wanted to accomplish before 3 pm so that I could head out to the community for the afternoon.  My little buddy Alejandra needs to start practicing her social skills and becoming more independent, so I asked her parents if I could start to bring her with Elvis and I to the children's activity groups once a week (they have activities most days but I only go once a week).  I was really looking forward to it! She was tired and not feeling it at first, but slowly improved; it went really well overall and I was really proud by the end! Little by little I think this could make a huge difference in her confidence, skills, and comfort level.

Taking my #1 chic swimming

I was exhausted come Friday night and looking much forward to staying in with my puppy and going to bed early, especially after a night out Thursday celebrating Cristina's birthday.  I swear I have been talking about making pancakes since July, so for dinner Friday night I finally got around to it! It was a success in that I made pancakes, they looked good, and I ate them all.  However, they didn't taste as good as I expected.. haha! I guess I need to work on my recipe ;)

Saturday I was very content to sleep in, cuddle with Vaquita, finish up some tasks from the week, and work on blog stuff! Some times I really just need quiet alone time, and Saturday was definitely one of those days.  My love interest wanted to hang out but I knew I needed the day to recharge my energies (hellllloo introvert) and was glad I stuck to this plan.

This weekend was Carnival here in Iquitos! Carnival is a celebration that differs drastically around the world, but is most well-known in Brazil and as Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  I had no idea Peru celebrated Carnival until this month when people started talking about it!  The festivities here in Iquitos are unlike in the rest of Peru.

How to Play Carnival in Iquitos: 

1.  Tie a bunch of random plastic items to the top of a tree

2.  Fill every large recipient you have with water and stock up on water balloons, water guns, and plastic bowls.  Every time someone under the age of 22 or who looks like they're 'playing' goes by, GET 'EM! 

3.  Drink Beer, Put on Loud Music, and DANCE !

4.  As the day goes on, things get messier.  Flour to the face, body paint, hair paint, and mud all slowly get tossed in to the water games.  This is where my strategy started to fail... retreat! Retreat!

5. At 6 pm, chop down the tree! Everyone runs up and tries to grab something from the tree as a prize! 



Ever celebrated Mardi Gras or Carnival? Did you like it? 

How do you feel about water games and getting paint thrown on you? A lot of people hate it and I thought I would too, but it turned out to totally be my jam.. I'm great at soaking mototaxis full of kids :) As long as you dress the part and expect to go all in, it's so fun! 

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