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One of my favorite things about living here is just that strange things happen all the time. Its exciting because life pretty much goes the same way in a day-to-day in the USA, but here there's way more of an emotional roller coaster (haha I know I'm not the only person who likes that, but also I know some of you do not understand what I'm saying at all *cough*irfan*cough*). Strange things that have happened this week:
  1. Electricity went out (not strange but makes life interesting, huh?)
  2. We met a long-haired dog that was shaved to look like a lion
  3. V almost got killed by her new best friend, Chocolate, who stole her leash and ran into the street with it (while she was still attached to it) dragging her along
  4. I went to the community for the first time in almost one month, and the river had completed filled! This is so difficult to explain, but the water level is like 3x as high as when I left. IT IS CRAZY! Nature is amazing! I love seeing the water cycle at work here so visually!

Things that made me happy this week:
  1. Elvis finally showed me where he buys our beloved empanadas! And, best part, it's only 2-3 blocks from where I'm living now!! (also we ate them, yum)
  2. I had a meeting with Pedro to catch up on our goals for the next couple weeks. Afterwards he told me I don't have to call and make an appointment to come talk, just stop by whenever I'm not busy and I'm welcome in the office :) (I love all of them)
  3. I met with Alejandra and her parents
  4. Aji de gallina ! I love this Peruvian dish, hehe
  5. Vaquita made two new good friends: Chocolate (discussed above) who is a large but young dog, and Maya, who is a baby (2 month) pit mix? or something like that?
  6. This one infant girl at the activity group FINALLY was not scared of me for the first time since I met her months ago! She always keeps her distance and looks at me funny, but we found a game she loved (hanging from the banisters lol) and her desire to be lifted up was enough to overcome her fear of me!! yay! She even let me hold her hand on the walk home!
Vaquita and Chocolate playing in their sand pile 

 Things that made me sad this week:
  1. Alejandra asked "what is this" about every single thing she picked up (she goes through Elvis and my stuff when we visit which is fine with us cause she needs to practice feeling new objects and figuring out what they are). She refused to tell me what anything was, even objects that I know she knew, which frustrated me, as I think she's not developing the confidence she needs nor getting enough practice.
  2. Vaquita looks sad (I think she misses my parents and their house) - even the cleaning lady said when dogs have lots of sleepies in their eyes it means they're sad.

Things that made me angry this week:
  1. A boat full of white tourists wearing expensive sunglasses gawked as they "toured" by the community I work in, while pointing and taking pictures of the children as they played in the water. Poverty is not a tourist attraction. These peoples children are not a zoo for you to come take pictures of without consent.  I was torn in the moment of whether to yell something over to those people (no one else would have understood it in English so it would have been ok) and decided not to, but I kept thinking about it the rest of the day and so have decided next time it happens I will say something. Are some people really incapable of putting themselves in someone else's shoes??
This is a fun format for me! Do you guys like it too? Maybe I'll do something like this every week!


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