Anything for Bacon, get to work, and winter is over

Happy Hump day ya'll

The other day, Vaquita and bacon met.  It was love at first site.  Coming home from the grocery store I put my bags on the floor of my apartment as I open the door to facilitate my regular welcome home from V.  I always sit down on the floor to say hello upon coming home.  I said hello and then got back up to grab her leash and take her outside.  As I turned back around, V had already sniffed out and dug into one of the five grocery bags, rapidly pulling out a slice of raw bacon with determination.  She has learned to eat forbidden foods extremely quickly, before I notice and take it away, which is a very annoying skill! She had somehow found and eaten two pieces of raw bacon in under ten seconds! 
I moved the bacon to the counter quickly before taking her outside.  When we came back in, I finished putting away the groceries and left the packet of bacon on the kitchen counter as I was planning on cooking it for breakfast with some potatoes and eggs.  I went into the other room to take a quick cool-down shower (its super hot here) before cooking, and when I came back the packet of bacon was landing on the floor and V was voraciously devouring it, again, as quickly as she could.  I then moved it to the farthest spot on the counter where I was now sure she couldn't reach it. I opened up my computer quickly to send an email and in the corner of my eye, Vaquita HOPS right up on the counter.  She stands on the counter right above the bacon.  I was AMAZED. So amazed I couldn't even be mad.  She found her true love and was able to summon super-dog jumps in order to be together.

This is the counter she jumped up on 

How much bacon was left after V stole the rest :( 

I've officially started working on my new study full-time. I've got a new laboratory setup, new locations, new boss, and the help of a new group of students and professors who so far have been extremely kind and helpful! I think being at this larger laboratory group will be beneficial in many ways for me.  I missed out a lot on collaboration and laboratory support, both physically needing help with getting materials or working a machine, and intellectual as far as bouncing ideas off of someone and getting feedback on my next steps.

Most beautiful science laboratories I'll ever work in?

My first few weeks here I was writing about how its "winter" in the jungle right now and I LOVE the rainy season.. Well, its over. At least for now. I'm not sure if it's coming back, but the cool breezes, fresh air, lower temperatures, and rainy days have gone.  It's been back to the normal hot-as-hell days and just-as-humid nights.


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