8 Things Worth Buying for your Apartment Abroad

When you live abroad for several months, it can be tricky to balance investing in purchases you'll use throughout your stay and not spending a bunch of money on things you don't really need.  You want to have a comfortable, healthy, and enjoyable stay in your host country. But, you do need to give up some of the comforts of home.  Here are the 8 things I've found to be well worth investing in for a 4-8 month stay abroad!  
  1. Kitchen stove (if your place doesn't come with one) - You hands-down need a kitchen stove. You can find some camping-style stoves for pretty cheap, and you won't regret getting yourself a place to cook! Though eating out might be cheaper than in the USA, you'll still save money cooking for yourself!
  2. Cutting Board & good Knife - Don't try to cut your produce with a butter knife on a ceramic plate. You will break the plate and drop your vegetables on the ground. The knife can also double as a weapon should you be living in a dangerous area (kidding)
  3. Blender - you can usually find one for pretty cheap ($20 usd). Blenders are awesome because they are versatile. You can use it to make smoothies, juices, milkshakes, margaritas, soups, or other types of purees for recipes. Not getting enough protein in your new diet? Make some protein shakes.  Have leftover fruits and veggies? Make some healthy juice.
  4. Electric Water Heater - I use my water heater all the time! Mostly, I use it to make coffee and to boil water before cooling it off for drinking. I pay for my gas tank for the stove, but my electricity is free, so I like to use the electric water heater to boil my water before putting it in the pot, haha!
  5. Decorations - buy 1-2 things that are cute and happy to hang up on your walls! No one wants to live in an empty white-wall apartment, no matter for how much time!
  6. Comfy Blanket - Another way to make your temporary place feel like home! I bought a soft, cute blanket while I was in Arequipa and it makes my bed feel more like my own. Since the sheets and pillows aren't mine, I like having something that is my own to snuggle up with when I turn the A/C way up
  7. Wine glasses - When you want to have friends over to celebrate or are inviting your date for a drink, you'll want to have these.  Drinking wine out of a coffee mug is just sad. And out of a tupperware container, even worse. Be classy, buy wine glasses.
  8. Chess set - Ok, I went chess set, but you can go for any other game that you find near you. It's nice to have as either a conversation piece (did I just use those words?) or to fill some awkward time that you'll inevitably have when making new friends in a new country. Example scenario: *awkward silence.. staring at your guest...thinking desperately of something interesting to say... * "Hey, I just got this cool chess set, wanna play?" 


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