6 Must Sees in Medellin, Colombia

Medellin has put in the work and completely changed its reputation over the past 15 years. With improved security, rapid economic development, and an inclusive transportation system that is being used as a model for other urban centers, Medellin has become a travel destination and home to many expats. 

1.  Parque Explora -  Science Museum 

  •    This science museum surprised me! I expected something small and lame, but was impressed by the amount of interactive material available to touch, play with, and learn from! Yes, I was 21 years old when I went, but that doesn’t mean I want to be bored! My SO and I hit this place up for an afternoon and had a great time.  We were both impressed as it entertained me (a biologist and very sciency-person) as well as him (a financial advisor and doesn’t believe he’s ever even had a biology course). 

2.  Metro-line to the MetroCable
    • You must make a trip to see the metrocable! Medellin’s public transportation has rightfully earned its spot as a model city for other developing countries and works to incorporate low-income and isolated individuals into the city’s economy.  This line reaches communities that were not-so-long ago isolated and a long trek from the city, allowing transportation of goods, employment in the city and other areas, and an improved system for reaching medical care, hospitals, university, government offices, etc.  It also makes for a beautiful journey!  

views from the metrocable 

3.  Parque Lleras
    • Parque lleras is where all the young people hang out! There are clubs, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks to drink in! You’ll find bracelets and handywares for sale, cheap beer in small shops to take out and drink in the park, and tons of students and young professionals hanging out and having a good time.  As far as restaurants, there are some great coffee shops in this area, as well as thai food, sushi, salad and healthfood, vegan restaurants, etc!
4.  Sculpture garden - Botero Plaza 
    • This well-known Colombian artist, Fernando Botero, has a whole garden of his sculptures on display in downtown-Medellin.  The sculptures are really neat and quite popular around the world, which I've noticed a lot more since learning about them in Colombia!  
    • This area is also really interesting and a cool place to spend a day or grab lunch (there's a vegetarian buffet a block away!) but be a bit more cautious around here and don’t walk around after dark. 
5.  Poblado Neighborhood
    •  Poblado is the nicest neighborhood in Medellin! Nice bars and clubs, fancy restaurants, shopping falls and stores galore, high rise apartments with great views, and safe! This is where I used to live and where you'll find #6 on this list.
view from my apartment in Poblado 

6.  SanteFe Mall
    • This mall is HUGE, the largest in Colombia, and very nice.  There’s a large food court with a balcony with great views, a movie theater, tons of stores and restaurants, and an open space which alternates between being a skating rink, bowling alley, Easter egg hunting zone, etc based on the season!
Balcony Seating at the Food Court in Sante Fe 
In Centro Commercial Sante Fe with the Easter Bunny when they had an Easter scenery set up in 2015!


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