5 Things from My Weekend

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a good weekend and those of you in the states are enjoying a holiday today.  Here are five things I got into this weekend.

1)  Vaquita got spayed 

My little pup got her tubes tied on Friday while I was at work! When I picked her up she was still fairly loopy from the anesthesia and just wanted to get out of there! I took her home to eat, she had to fast before the surgery, and rest.  She couldn't go up or down the stairs and was walking pretty slowly and carefully for the first day.  She's on house arrest for several days so the incision site (she has stitches that need to be taken out next week) doesn't get infected. 

2) NGO event 

Saturday afternoon the NGO I partner with hosted an event to showcase their activities to a group of funders.  A group of 45 Japanese adults aged 61-90 came out to the community! We brought them out in boats (put each in a lifejacket first) to the floating community center.  It was pretty cool and the kids ran the whole event which was so awesome. They do a great job! A lot of the kids were super nervous, but the group only spoke Japanese and no Spanish, so no one would really know if they messed up anyway, haha!  There was a translator who translated between Spanish and Japanese.  

3) Despedida

We said goodbye to our friend Jeroen this weekend!  Him and his girlfriend, Linda, hosted a going-away party on Saturday night for us to have drinks and snacks one last time.  Sunday, we played volleyball for two hours before saying goodbye!  He's headed back to his homeland after about six months here. 

4) Hummus & Guac

I like to inform you whenever I eat something awesome, and Cristina is usually the reason for this.  She brought some homemade hummus and guacamole to the despidada which we of course all fawned over.  Never take these things for granted people because out here in the jungle we don't have these delicious dips!  It almost motivates me to make it myself, but she's so good at cooking that I know I'll just be disappointed with how mine turns out.

5) Internet-less

I've been internet-less in my apartment since Thursday now!! It is terrible.  Especially since I planned on spending all my free time here to care for the recovering puppy.  I obviously ended up getting nothing done, which sucks.  What bad luck! My internet has never been out for this long before.  Usually its just a day and then comes back.  I went to re-charge my phone with data today and am using that to upload this post ;)


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