5 Things from My Weekend

Good morning and Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend! I know a lot of you got a snow storm, so hopefully you like snow ;) 

(1)  Long walks with the puppy 
Weekends are great for walking and exploring new places for Vaquita to play.  The park near my apartment has been closed for "renovations" for months and just finally re-opened, so we got in some nice playing and exploring over there this weekend!

(2)  Relaxing at home 
After being in Lima for over a week, I was more than ready to get home to my apartment Thursday night.  This weekend I unpacked, did some laundry, organized a bit, and took a nice nap in my bed!   

(3)  Learning how to make Gnocchi ! 
My friend Cristina is a great cook! I always say she makes the best food in all of Iquitos 😉 Well, she had been promising to teach me how to make gnocchi for a while now, but I honestly didn't think I would be able to do it.  Turns out, gnocchi isn't THAT hard! We made fresh potato gnocchi and then added Cristina's homemade pesto and pine nuts to it for dinner. Delicious! 

(4) Vaquita ate a salamander 
All I have to say on that one...

(5)  Volleyball
My (mostly gringo) friends and I play volleyball together at least once a week, something we started over the summer! This Sunday our coach (jk, its Will) decided we would play for an hour and a half instead of our regular one hour.  Add that to an earlier in the day time and it was a HOT and sweaty workout! We went straight for ice cream afterwards 😋

V and her best friend Maya playing.
Our buddy Chocolate has been sent to live in a new home :( which means every morning someone is still looking for him but he's not around. 


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