What I'm Running In

Activewear is one of all of our favorite things, I'm sure.  You can use running gear to motivate you to train more and harder, to reward yourself for accomplishing goals or finishing a race, or, of course, for the day-to-day functionality you need to get out there rain or shine, snow or humidity, and stay healthy! 

Running Sneakers: Shoes are the most important part of any runner's wardrobe.  I have been wearing exclusively Asics for about four years now.  My number one choice is the Gel-Cumulus! These are the 18s: 

Sports Bra: A close second to shoes is a sports bra. Depending on your chest size, this may or may not actually be the most important thing you use.  I am rather large-chested and therefore cannot run without one of my top three favorites bras.  Here are my picks: 

Socks: I’m a little particular about my running socks.  I find that if the socks are too low-rise/no-show, then they fall down inside of my sneakers.  I also tend to get holes in my socks often, so a thicker sock is nice. 

Hydration:  If you are marathon training, you're gunna want some kind of hydration pack.  This hands-free water bottle belt was the perfect solution for my fall marathon prep: training for 26.2 miles in the summer heat is no joke!  I loved the extra pockets and zippers to hold my money inside of, then my gels, and it also fit my phone! There's even a hook to clip your house key onto! 

Fitness Tracker: I have had the Garmin 210 roadrunner since 2012! I’ve had to exchange it twice, so I don’t actually have the same watch. But, this is the only fitness watch I’ve been using since I started running five years ago.  It is simple and does everything I need, as well as being lightweight and a good size for my wrist.  I love plugging in my watch immediately after a run and seeing the map of where I ran as well as my pace breakdown and elevation gains. 

Headphones: I’m a big fan of in-the-ear earbuds, as the apple buds just do not fit in my ear! The design of these skull candy earbuds fits perfectly in my ears and stays in for any workout.  I also love that they're one of the cheapest earbuds available of this quality, because though I try to make them last I know that earbuds often get lost or broken. 

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