Corning Half Marathon on my 21st Birthday

My best friend and I ran the Wineglass (half) Marathon in Corning, New York on my 21st Birthday. Here is our day in pictures:  

At mile 10, I had my first legal drink! A friendly man had set up a hydration station, but serving little cups of beer instead! Haha!

My sweet friend stayed with me throughout the whole race.  It was her first half and my third or so, but she is more fit than me and takes exercise pretty seriously.  She probably could have crushed the race, but we had a good time together and she was super sore after, so I couldn't have held her back too much!  

After the race, we had a schedule because we’d signed up for a wine tour! We both really wanted to shower and change before the tour, so we rushed back to the hotel to shower and get ready before driving back downtown to find the bus and head out.  The wine region is Seneca Falls, a bit of a drive away from Corning’s downtown.  We went out on a bus with everyone on the wine tour, and were the youngest by probably 10 years.  Our fellow tour-mates were mostly mother’s on a girls trip for the race. 

We're not huge wine people, and were pretty confused by the in-depth descriptions of wine as "pebbly," "with hints of mushroom," etc. At the third winery in our tour, there was also a brewery! A group of us jumped on that chance to down some beer! 

We had a great time and ended up buying several bottles of wine each (I went for a chocolate covered strawberry wine and a couple others).  On the bus back to town, I think we both fell asleep for a little from all the running and the wine! We made it back to the car and I had Aneesa drive the ten minutes back to the hotel because I thought I had drank a tiny bit too much to drive, safety first!  I had a great 21st Birthday! Not the traditional Penn State student's celebrations, but exactly what I wanted! Thank you for sharing with me Aneesa! Love you 

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