I took a break

I was in the States for about 10 days at the end of September, took a break from working with toilet samples, and came back with new strategies and tools to be more successful in Iquitos! 

 I had a great trip full of travel and friends and family! I arrived in Philadelphia on Saturday and went right to my parents house.  Sunday morning, my mom and I took the train to NYC to meet my sister. We ate vegan food and went to a flea market. Monday, I convinced my sister to come with me to the Statue of Liberty and to see Ellis Island (where my great-grandfather came from Italy :) ). I went back to Philly that night to sleep at my parents again and spend some time with my mom.


 Tuesday afternoon I hopped in my car to drive up to Penn State to surprise Leah! It was her 21st birthday and she was giving me sh*t for not being there- until I walked into her apartment :) :)

Our friendship is based on a lot of not doing anything

Her dog does not like people  

 We went out to Cafe and the Phyrst, but I couldn't convince her to stay out all night and hit up my other favorite bars. After three days in State College, I went back to Philly to do some birthday things with my grandma and mom. I even spent some time in Baltimore! I headed to down there on Friday afternoon to spend time with another friend. 

Leah's first drink ;) 

 I was so excited to go on runs outside in my old routes! I spent SOO much time running those routes and trails around Penn State when I was in college! I love it there! Also was reunited with my more recent running spot, the waterfront in Baltimore, which is nice too but can't compare to fresh State College air ;) Another important task was to eat all of the food! My mom made all my favorite foods for me :) and we went out for vegan barbecue, sushi burritos, bagels, ice cream, milkshakes, pizza, cheese fries, and sushi! I'm pretty sure I gained 10 pounds in one week ;) 

 It was hard to leave Philly at the end of my trip, as it had all gone by so fast and I had such a good time! But, after a couple days back in Iquitos I was happy I'd made the trip. More coming soon :) I'd like to catch up on everything without just skipping ahead!  


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