Cumpleaños Peruano!

You guys,  I had a great birthday week! 

 Thank you soo soo much to Julia, Cristina and Will, Linda and Jeroen, Elvis, and everyone else for helping me celebrate! Julia brought me a chocolate cake from the fancy bakery we love and it was delicious! Cristina baked me a homemade chocolate cake!! Which is especially special because she's one of few people around here with an oven. 

 Wednesday morning I was up early and started working on some application materials, until I realized 'Hey it's my Birthday!' and went for the card and gift my parents had packed for me in my suitcase. I decided to split up the birthday joy and save the card from my grandparents for after work as something to look forward :) 

Thanks Julia :) This cake was amazing 

 I had a hard day at work because of an unusually heavy sample load (I normally collect and process 2 samples in a day and I did 5!), plus it was HOT outside. I was completely drenched in sweat.  It took me the full 8 hour allotment to get everything done.  At 5:00 they brought in the cake Julia had bought for me from Tivoli's with Inca Kola. Everyone in the lab and office sang to me in English and then in Spanish :) 

That fluorescent yellow liquid is Inka Cola: an extremely sugary bubblegum flavored soda that is a staple in Peruvian life

 After work, my friend Elvis picked me up on his motorcycle; I'm loving motorcycles right now.  We rode over to Nanay where there is an ice cream shop with patio that sits on the edge of the Amazon River.  Please note how much sugar that means I took in within a 2 hour period. At 9 pm I got ready for Linda's ceremony. Linda just finished medical school and the school held a nice ceremony to celebrate that she can now prescribe drugs! Nuevamente felicidades!!  I met her parents and siblings who were all very nice. It was also her boyfriend's first time meeting the parents #thirdwheel 

My beautiful friend Linda in the blue

 After the ceremony, Linda, Jeroen, and I headed over to Musmuqui for drinks.  They both had pisco sours and I had a caipirhina, which was my go-to when I lived in Colombia.  After our first round, Linda remembered that they offer a free birthday drink at this place and I cashed in! We used my Facebook page on Linda's phone to confirm it was truly my birthday ;) and then they played happy birthday over the speakers and put up a banner on the TV screens that said "Feliz Cumpleanos Margaretta" haha!! 

some kind of pisco concoction of death

The drink was damn strong. I felt it in the morning. Thursday was another mundane work day in the office. But, after work we had our volley game!  We play very casually, a mix of gringos and Peruvians. I don't know if I've mentioned this, but Peruvians are very good at volleyball! They often place bets on their games as well; we don't do that. Every week we kinda just separate into two teams randomly. This week, my team was dope. Will, Elvis, and Amy really vibed and had all these game plays and strategies together... I kinda just stay in my corner and try to hit the ball if it comes my way. When we finished playing volley, we went for our designated post-volley food: burritos! Cristina showed up and surprised me with a FRESHLY baked chocolate cake in hand! It smelled SO good I couldn't focus on my burrito. 

Post-volei hair & Cristina's delicious chocolate cake 

 They sang to me in the taco restaurant again :) I felt so much love from everyone this birthday! 


Thank you !!  

 Will be posting soon on other things we've been up to :)


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