Werk werk werk werk werk: something happened!


First, there are some random things I want to talk about:

 1) Broccoli tastes different here. 
 Yes, I usually prepare my broccoli in a very specific way (oven roasted in olive oil fyi). But I do eat broccoli in other forms on occasion, so I know how broccoli tastes! And its not as good here. It doesn't really taste like anything. My first theory is that they bred out the bitter (I learned about this in my medicinal plant class that I took with Kayla! Love you #teamkaylaforever).  I don't have a second theory. 

 2) I can't find a hairbrush anywhere!? 
 I didn't bring a hairbrush with me because a) I packed extremely lightly for a 6-month trip, b) I very rarely brush my hair because its so curly, so I forget hair brushes exist unless I'm looking at one.  Entonces, my hair started to dread and the need to buy a hairbrush became clear, but I can't find one anywhere (will you guys be mad if I write in Spanglish?)!   We (Linda) even asked at the fancy salon. They gave us a couple suggestions for specific beauty stores to check (which I haven't gotten around to yet because #perisoso). But, its weird that the huge department store, clothing stores, grocery stores, and hair salon all don't have any!? Right!? 

 That is all. On to more important things.  

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 5.26.21 PMPedro graciously helped me record a video for Hopkins, this is a takeout of a part where he's trying to get me to say more stuff (not that he understood what I said in English anyways), haha! BTW this is our main latrine!

We finally got the first observational sample we were waiting for on Tuesday! Unfortunately while I was sampling I took note that it wasn't of the "good quality" we were hoping for. This means we basically will have no great observational data on the toilets in the field. But hey, at least we have data! Data is data (haa not true).  If any good samples do show up, it won't be for at least a few weeks and then we'll only have a couple months to follow them at this point. We will have good qualitative data in the field though :)  Jess will come help with that in a couple months. 

 so GOOD THING THE EXPERIMENTAL IS MOVING FORWARD! This is supposed to be our clean, nice data. It should match up to the messy observational data in some way that helps to illuminate whether or not this composting system is actually doing what we think its doing! I got a low-key go-ahead (its complicated) on Friday and spent the weekend planning. Monday, I bought a bunch of supplies and prepped my synthetic urine. Tuesday I collected a TON of sawdust to use, so I should have enough for the rest of my life the year, haha! 

Collecting sawdust from a mountain of sawdust... we climbed to the top. This picture cracks me up, Pedro looks like a mountaineer!

 Wednesday I had more prepping to do since I needed more help from the staff in the office and to count the cultures from Tuesday. I finally bought the final few things I needed and my boss found a shredder so I could make tiny pieces of paper :) haha, not important other than that I spent HOURS shredding old study forms (some of which might have been the consent forms Emily spent a month looking for.. lets just forget about that..)

We now have approximately 300 liters of shredded paper

Wish me luck for my experimental setup today! I'm chilling around the office right now waiting for the samples to be ready, then I've got a tight timeline to build the experiment! They have to get here, be processed, handed off to me, homogenized, then I have to take them to the field site all in a period of 2 hours.  Any problems and it might be another week...  


  p.s. Grace and Emily: look what I found at Los Portales! Tortillas and Inca Zero

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