And then there was one

Emily just boarded her plane to head home, leaving me as the sole-standing gringo of Iquitos. (not literally because there's at least 2 european dudes who own businesses here, but they're old and fluent and more integrated) There's only about a week until some European friends (and Linda's bf!) return though ;)

Weekend update

Not much exciting going on around here this weekend; no holidays or big plans in the making. But, Emily and I did take full advantage of her last week here.  During the week, we went to a couple restaurants we'd been wanting to try (Chef Paz + Mishquina for those who have left us). 

Saturday, I woke up early to get into the gym, run, and workout with my trainer. I guess I had been avoiding the trainer.  The gym was closed during the holiday last weekend, which meant I got knocked out of my routine when I couldn't workout Thursday-Sunday. Come Monday I had lost all motivation to get back in, and was exhausted.  After my workout, I still made it to the office on time, which makes me feel super productive!  Then as we were leaving the office around noon, one of my co-workers gave me lettuce, limes, and aji-  it totally made my weekend! 

I met up with Emily at Mishquina for MenĂº before we took the bus to the artesan market.  We got into a weird situation on the bus when our bus driver became enraged over something (unrelated to us) and so in an abundance of caution (read: anxiety) I made Emily get off the bus with me and try to walk to our destination (it was further than we thought- we took a moto).  At the market, we picked up some cool stuff, including a hammock for her, some bracelets and jewelry, and a pretty dreamcatcher to decorate my apartment.
Later that night, we met up with Linda and Maria to get our nails done! Maria recommended to us a really nice salon where they do hair, manicures and pedicures, massages, facials, and even liposuction (haha srsly). It's apparently the norm here to get fancy designs painted on your nails, and Emily and I were too excited about it! After much deliberation, we both chose cute little flower designs and Linda went classy with sparkles.
   FullSizeRender 2.jpg 
Other design options, please find minnie mouse

We all walked to a pizza place afterwards, called Pizza Hot (which is pronunced so closely to Pizza Hut that we were very briefly optimistic). After eating and the obligatory ice cream, we split ways to get ready before meeting up at the club (Noa) for Emily's despedida.  This time, unlike my last experience, the club was packed. I guess we didn't arrive until maybe 1 am? So we're just like the cool kids! The bartender remembered me from our convos last week so that made me feel pretty cool too. I think its good to make friends everywhere that you can when you're a sola gringa. The crowd at Noa is a little young for us, but it was fun!  We stayed out WAY later than any of us expected, and I think I've had my fill of the club scene for a couple weeks now ;)

Hopeful research update???!!!

I think something is happening, but let's not jinx it. Cross your fingers and I'll get back to you Friday ;) 

But, I will say that I made laboratory urine today. So that's exciting. and productive. Basically, we thought we had a source of urine for a couple experimental conditions but the study is only collecting a few milliliters, while the experimental design requires over a liter. I created a synthetic urine solution today to mitigate the issue and prevent a horrible month of me collecting urine from people I know and trying to refrigerate and transport it.   Yes, the alternative solution to lab urine was to collect fresh human urine from friends. Sanitation projects are super glamorous!! 

I was really proud of my creation. Yes I realize its not yellow, should I add food coloring?   


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