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Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. We had a nice weekend here as we're trying to get in some fun trips before I head back to the USA. 
Vaquita sticks her snout and paws under our neighbors door to say hi to her little doggy friends
Not sure why my eyes are closed, but I helped with some art projects with the kids on Friday
 Saturday morning we boarded a van to head to a hiking route.  The ride was about 30 mins to get to kilometer 21, where we veered onto a dirt road until we reached Milagro.  Nuevo Milagro is a hiking route maintained and lead by students in eco-tourism. 
I live on a main street (might say THE main street) in the city, so basically every Saturday you can expect to see a march (Peruvians love marching).  This weekend was my favorite so far, kicking off vaccination week! The march aims to draw attention to the importance of vaccines and the success that vaccination campaigns have had here. "Let's celebrate vaccines for a healthy future"

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