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Thinking out Loud

Good morning and Happy Thursday!  Got my jam together this week to link up with Running with Spoons!   I've been MIA from the blog and email scene sine Thursday due to service outages throughout Peru.  Iquitos already has one of the worst connections in the world, so when some towers got damaged in Lima I think we were the first to lose cell service.  It kept going down consistently up until Monday, but hopefully its back for good now! 
If you haven't heard, there was severe flooding, weather, and mudslides in Lima, Peru for several days last week that resulted in bridges falling, streets and highways destroyed, homes lost, animals drowned, and around 80 fatalities.  A state of emergency was declared last week.  Lima has been without water services since then, some towns have been without electricity, and a lot of the country has been impacted by the cell service and internet outages.  If you're interested in donating, the Red Cross in Peru is raising money on this site: …

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